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From: Cashimiere Tubbs
Subject: Lolita Top List He had it commingMy name is Jack I am 17 years old and I am going to tell you a story
about how my friend got what was coming to him. My two friends and I have
known each other since we played football in a little league when we were
five. As we got older we were called by almost everyone in our school as
the Stud Pack. We were all built, good looking, and well hung, but we all
had our own look. I was the oldest of us all and I have a smoldering dark
look my skin is olive colored, I have a slender muscular build, with
green eyes, a round ass, and a 9 inch thick cut cock. Harry was a
muscular power house he was like a young blond Stallone, later I found
out he had a 10 incher snaking down his legs. Then there was the cream
of Lolita Top List the crop the best of the best Richie. Richie was not only good looking
he was the best looking, he was physically perfect, with perfectly
chiseled features, alabaster skin, and jet black hair that was in small
lazy curls, he had a perfectly shaped ass, a 11 inch dick and a set of
green eyes that with one look have anyone jumping through hoops man or
woman. He was kind of the leader of our pack. The was a few things really
special about Richie. One thing that was special about him was he was
incredibly nice, second thing is that he was incredibly smart, third is
that he was a virgin! That's right this seemingly perfect man was a
virgin and was proud of it. He had not only girls after him, but actual
women (teachers and family members not excluded but that is a different
story). Richie was one of a kind and that's why he had to be stopped.
Harry and I are not fags or anything we just became consumed with envy,
lust, and infatuation with this godlike beauty among men.We were all at a party a few nights ago when this all went down. Harry and
I were drunk as usual and we were watching Richie dancing and how everyone
was surrounding him and how gorgeous he look dancing and I leaned over to
Harry Lolita Top List and said "We have to do something to knock him off his high horse."
"I agree lets take him somewhere and strip him and tie him to a tree." "No
knowing his look he would just have someone help him out" "I was think more
on the lines of getting him to loose his virginity and have one less
perfect thing about him." "Sounds great but whom?" "I was thinking us."
"What!!" "I was thinking that if we did it he would be so ashamed and we
could hold it over him for a long time." "That is some faggot shit." "Look
at him he is so pretty that it would be like fucking a woman" "I don't
know." "You have banged enough girls to know that your not a fag but Richie
needs this." "Ok what do we do?" "I am going to spike his drink with date
rape drug but enough to only knock him out for a little bit of time, so he
is awake for the main event."SI put the plan into action and he was Lolita Top List out of it before the song was
over. We took him back to his place because his parents are always out of
town and they were this weekend. We put him on the couch and I leaned over
and kissed him flicking my tongue on the corners of his mouth. Harry
watches this and started to molest himself. "Hurry up and get this over
with" "We are not doing anything until he wakes up I want him to know what
happen to him and who did it." So I continued to violate his body by touch,
caressing, and lick various parts, with my eyes fixated on Harry
manipulating his member. While all this was going on Richie was coming
through. I decide to slap him to get him to wake up. He became really alert
after that and asked "What is going on?" "Today is when you become a man."
With that I ripped off his shirt and nursed his nipples, while Lolita Top List
Harry tore
off his pants. "Stop you cant do this to me why I am your best friend I
have been there for you." "We are tired of you looking so beautiful and sexy
so we are doing something about it." I then stepped back allowed Harry to
rape him. Harry spit on his dick and rammed his snake straight up into the
hole. Richie began to cry. I felt sorry for him so I decided to make him
feel better so I climbed under him while he was being fucked doggy style
and I suck is 11 inches and surprisingly I got of it down my throat without
gagging. I must be a natural. It didn't take long before the crying stopped
and the moaning began. And I heard Richie say something I did not expect to
hear "Fuck me, I love you guys" With that Richie came in my mouth spewing
his juices down my throat. And that caused his ass to spasm giving Harry
enough pressure to shoot his load up into Richie's ass. Harry said this is
to weird and pulled up his pants and walked out the front door. Richie
lowered himself between my legs and began to suck my cock and because I did
release this whole time I shot my load pretty fast and he took of the cum
not spilling a drop. I slept over his house that night. And ever since that
night I have been fucking Richie and now I am the only one that fucks him.
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